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Personal Information
College Photo Name Byrne, Ruth Mary Josephine
College Address Psychology,
Aras An Phiarsaigh
Main Department Psychology
College Title Professor of Cognitive Science
College Tel +353 1 896 4054
Ruth Byrne is the Professor of Cognitive Science at Trinity College Dublin in the School of Psychology and the Institute of Neuroscience, a Chair created for her by the University in 2005. Her research expertise is in the cognitive science of human thinking, including experimental and computational investigations of reasoning and imaginative thought. She has published over 100 papers in, for example, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Psychological Review, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, Cognition, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, and her books include 'The Rational Imagination: How People Create Alternatives to Reality' published in 2005 by MIT press. Further information is available at **************************************************************************************** She is the former Vice Provost of Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, prior to that Head of the School of Psychology, and currently Deputy Director of the Institute of Neuroscience, and Director of Research in the School of Psychology. Her BA degree was awarded by the National University of Ireland, University College Dublin and her PhD by the University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin. Prior to her appointment in Trinity College, she held lectureships in the computer science department at University College Dublin and in the psychology department at the University of Wales at Cardiff, and she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge. She is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Royal Irish Academy.
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Juhos, C., Quelhas, A.C. & Byrne, R.M.J. , Reasoning about intentions: Counterexamples to reasons for actions. , Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition. , 41, (1), 2015, p55 - 76
Murray, M.A. & Byrne, R.M.J. , Cognitive Change in Insight Problem-Solving: Initial Model Errors and Counterexamples., Journal of Cognitive Psychology. , 25, (2 ), 2013, p210 - 219
Espino, O., & Byrne, R. M. J., The compatibility heuristic in non-categorical hypothetical reasoning: Inferences between conditionals and disjunctions. , Cognitive Psychology., 67, (3), 2013, p98 - 129
Espino, O. & Byrne, R.M.J., It is not the case that if you understand a conditional you know how to negate it, Journal of Cognitive Psychology , 24, (3), 2012, p329 - 334
Johnson-Laird, P.N., Lotstein, M., & Byrne, R.M.J., The consistency of disjunctive assertions, Memory & Cognition, 40, 2012, p769 - 778
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